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In-cab appliances for truck drivers and the trucking industry such as coffee makers, coffee mugs, fans, defrosters, heaters, portable stoves and vacuums.

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Product ID RPSC-225
12 Volt Portable Saucepan and Popcorn Maker

Use this cool 12 volt saucepan and/or popcorn maker to pop delicious popcorn or cook your favorite recipes.

Price: $27.86
Product ID RPSL-335
12-Volt Portable Frying Pan

Cook hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, eggs and more with this convenient portable 12 volt frying pan from RoadPro.

Price: $27.86
Product ID RPSL-350
12 Volt 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker

This handy pprtable 12 volt 1.5 quart slow cooker will make meals on the road a delicious delight, black in color.

Price: $31.15

Product ID RPSL-581
12 Volt All Season Heater/Fan with Swivel Base

Stay warm or keep cool with this handy portable 12 volt swivel base all season heater/fan. Perfect all year around.

Price: $22.46
Product ID RPSL-681
12 Volt Direct Hook Up Ceramic Heater

This handy portable 12 volt direct hook-up ceramic heater/fan with a swivel base is perfect for all types of waether.

Price: $39.94
Product ID RPSL-7000
AC to DC 6 Amp Power Converter

This handy portable AC to DC 6 amp power converter from RoadPro will come in handy on long haul trips.

Price: $24.34

Product ID 5027S
12 Volt 20oz. Smart Car Pot

This handy 12 Volt Car Pot will provide boiling hot coffee right in your cab. Make your favorite coffee on the road.

Price: $19.99
Product ID RP0719
12 Volt 15oz. Premium Heated Travel Mug

This handy 12 volt premium heated travel mug will provide 15oz of your favorite hot beverage. Your coffee stays hot while on the road. 

Price: $34.00
Product ID RP-1137
12 Volt Quick Clip Multi Mount Oscillating Fan

This handy 12-Volt Quick Clip Multi-Mount Oscillating Fan will keep you cool while driving long distances, easy mount, easy operation.

Price: $21.99

Product ID RP-1179
12 Volt Heavy Duty Metal Fan

Keep the Heavy Duty 12 Volt Fan handy for long road trips. Simply plug the fan into your DC power and get cool.

Price: $22.84
Product ID RP2135
Freezer Alert Alarm for Freezers &  Refrigerators

Be warned when the voltage drops or there is a malfunction in your mobile refrigerator or freezer with the Freezer Alert Alarm.

Price: $11.41
Product ID RP8000
12 Volt/ Battery 10 Portable Fan

Keep yourself cool on long distance trips with the handy 12 volt or battery operated portable fan from RoadPro.

Price: $22.13

Product ID RPAT859
12 Volt Heater Fan/ Defroster

Use this handy 12 volt heater/ fan defroster to heat your vehicle interior or to defrost your windshield or other windows.

Price: $17.86
Product ID RPBH-012
12 Volt Beverage Heater

Never find yourself without a hot beverage again while on long road trips with this handy 12 volt beverage heater.

Price: $8.13
Product ID RPFP335NS
12 Volt Portable Frying Pan

This unique 12 volt portable frying has a non-stick surface and plugs directly into a 12 volt power port, easy to use.

Price: $26.99

Product ID RPSC-197
12 Volt Portable Stove

Cook anywhere with this handy portable 12 volt stove. Set up and cook food to about 300 degreees F. 5.5' power cord.

Price: $30.71
Product ID RPSC784
12 Volt Coffee Maker

Never run out of coffee with this handy portable 12 volt coffee maker featuring a 16 ounce metal carafe.

Price: $25.00
Product ID RPSC-807
12 Volt Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum

Clean your vehicle easily with this handy portable 12 volt wet/dry cannister vacuum featuring a 17' power cord.

Price: $26.43

Product ID RPSC-857
12 Volt Tornado Fan with Mounting Clip

This convenient portable 12 volt tornado fan with sturdy mounting clip will keep you very cool on long road trips.

Price: $24.27
Product ID RPSC8572
12 Volt Dual Fan with Mounting Clip

This convenient portable 12 volt dual fan featuring a sturdy mounting clip will keep you twice as cool on long rides.

Price: $24.58
Product ID RPSC-90820
Aluminum Pans for 12-Volt Portable Stove

Use these convenient Aluminum Pans for 12-Volt Portable Stove Model RPSC-197. These pans come in sets of three.

Price: $2.84

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