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USA Fleet Supply

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Cleaning supplies for professional truck drivers and the commercial trucking industry including in-cab brooms, dust pans, towels and more.

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Convenience Kits International 8-Piece Get-Away Kit
  Product ID 01C
Price: $9.90
Convenience Kits International Mouthwash/Toothpaste/Toothbrush Travel Kit
  Product ID 101C
Price: $3.79
Convenience Kits International Shaving Cream/Razor Travel Kit
  Product ID 105C
Price: $3.79
Convenience Kits International 1oz. Freshscent Antibacterial Deodorant Wrapped Shower Soap, 500-Piece Case
  Product ID 1S
Price: $80.90
Shower-On-The-Go Body Cleansing Wipes, 8-Pack
  Product ID 3506
Price: $4.90
Convenience Kits International 9-Piece Women's Travel Kit with Zippered Bag
  Product ID 400DAS
Price: $9.67
Convenience Kits International Man On The Go 10-Piece Mesh Bag Travel Kit
  Product ID 81DAS
Price: $12.84
Carrand 8" Compact Squeegee with Folding Handle
  Product ID 9038
Price: $6.99
Carrand Deluxe 8" Metal Squeegee with 16" Wood Handle, Black
  Product ID 9056H
Price: $5.99
Carrand Interior, Exterior Detail Brush
  Product ID 92046
Price: $2.99
Carrand 4' to 8' Non Flow thru Fiberglass Extension Pole w Metal Tip
  Product ID 92508
Price: $23.49
Carrand 6' to 12' Non Flow through Fiberglass Extension Pole with Metal Tip
  Product ID 92509
Price: $32.99
Carrand 6' Non Flow thru Fiberglass Pole w Metal Tip
  Product ID 92510
Price: $19.99
Carrand 10" Bi Level Dip Brush with 96" Extension Handle
  Product ID 93088
Price: $32.99
Carrand Heavy Duty Stack Brush
  Product ID 93505
Price: $28.99
Carrand 53" to 96" Aluminum Extension Handle w Reinforced Tip
  Product ID 9507
Price: $21.49
HelpMate 24" Push Broom
  Product ID HMPB
Price: $18.99

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