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Cargo Securement Control

USAFleetSupply offers a full line of Cargo Control Securement products to keep your loads safe and secure. Tie down hooks, tie down ratchets, cargo straps, bungee cords, cargo bars, chain load binders, heavy duty poly tarps, logistic straps, transportation chains and more.

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There are many different ways and materials to stabilize and secure cargo in vehicles, trucks, trailers and containers. Blocking & bracing is a load control securement method using lumber and metal bars to reduce front to rear shifting of freight and cargo. Depending on the type of load and the vehicle, large bolts and nails may also be used. These may be on the load itself or on wood blocks for bracing.

Types of strapping include steel, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, paper, and composites. The type of strap used depends on the requirements. All types of tensioned strapping, particularly steel, need to be handled carefully due to potential injury. Heavy loads are sometimes secured to vehicles with tie down straps, heavy duty strapping, or chains.

Tie down strapsalso called lashing straps or tie downs, are fasteners used to hold down cargo and equipment during transport. Tie down straps are basically a webbing that is equipped with tie down hardware. This tie down hardware allows the strap to attach to the area surrounding the cargo, loop over the cargo and attach to the cargo. It usually also includes a method of tensioning the strap, such as a ratchet. Two common types of tie down straps are loop straps and two-piece straps. Loop straps, like their name implies, are a single piece of webbing that is looped around the item to be protected and the two endpoints are brought together at the tie down fastener for fastening and providing tension.

We offer many Automobile Transport securing products such as Cleats, Tie-Downs and ratchet straps. If you are looking for Hardware and Webbing, we have the right product for you. From Buckles, to Shackles and Quick Links, we have the product you need. Track Fittings, Hooks and Rings also make up part of our vast online catalog. We have many Interior Cargo Control Securement products as well. Deck Beams, Tracks, Jack Bars, Straps and Accessories in all sizes and materials at the price you need. If you are looking for Lifting Equipment, we have you covered. We offer all types of Round Lifting Slings and Nylon Eye Slings to fit your lifting control needs.

Our Utility Tie-Down catalog includes numerous types of Ratchet Strap Assemblies and Cam Buckle Straps. We have the largest selection of Flatbed Trailer Cargo Control Securement products online, at rock bottom prices. If it is Rubber Ties, Cargo Corner Protectors or Winch Strap Assemblies you need, we have just the right product for you. We also carry several Winches, Winch Tracks and Winch Bars as well as Anchors, Transport Chains and Load Binders.

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