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USA Fleet Supply
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We offer a large variety of Drum Faucets and Pumps, including manual pumps, electric pumps, level indicators, lever action, rotary, taps, funnels and more.

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Electric Drum Pump, for Base Solutions
  Product ID ABS-PUMP
Price: $1,489.69
Aluminum Drum Pump
  Product ID ADP-55
Price: $153.09
Steel Drum Funnel
  Product ID DF-S
Price: $197.22
Adjustable Brass Drum Faucet, 3/4"
  Product ID DFT-ADJ
Price: $56.69
Brass Plated Aluminum Drum Faucet, 3/4"
  Product ID DFT-AL
Price: $10.19
Brass Plated Zinc Drum Faucet, 3/4"
  Product ID DFT-AS-SC
Price: $30.47
Non-Adjustable Brass Drum Faucet, 3/4"
  Product ID DFT-RIGID
Price: $47.65
Stainless Steel Drum Faucet, 3/4"
  Product ID DFT-SS
Price: $150.77
Horizontal Drum Gauge Level Indicator
  Product ID DGLI-4
Price: $64.39
Electric Drum Pump, 115V, 2"
  Product ID EDP
Price: $512.89
Electric Drum Pump, 18.5 GPM
  Product ID FHL-PUMP
Price: $4,526.72
Electric Drum Pump, 115V
  Product ID HCB-PUMP
Price: $3,135.94
Jumbo Drum Faucet, 2"
  Product ID JDFT
Price: $13.09
Jumbo Brass Drum Faucet
  Product ID JDFT-B
Price: $128.98
Drum Pump, Lever Action, PTFE Viton
  Product ID LDP-FG
Price: $299.49
Drum Pump, Lever Action, Poly
  Product ID LDP-POLY-304
Price: $38.95
Drum Pump, Lever Action, Ryton
  Product ID LDP-RYT
Price: $54.19
Drum Pump, Hand Pump, Stainless Steel
  Product ID LDP-SS-316
Price: $135.29
Drum Pump, Lever Action, Steel
  Product ID LDP-ST
Price: $33.75
Electric Drum Pump, for Thin Bodied Oils, Diesel
  Product ID ODF-PUMP
Price: $1,695.85
Manual Drum Pump, Steel
  Product ID RDP-55
Price: $59.85
Drum Pump, Rotary, PPS
  Product ID RP-90FG
Price: $169.78
PPS Manual Rotary Drum Pump
  Product ID RP-90R
Price: $139.49
Rotary Drum Pump, PPS
  Product ID RP-90RT
Price: $168.78
Horizontal Drum Tap
  Product ID TAP-3
Price: $110.79
Drum Faucet, 3/4"
  Product ID VDFT
Price: $3.80
Poly Drum Pump
  Product ID VDP
Price: $22.49
Poly Drum Pump, 16oz
  Product ID VDPX
Price: $22.49
Drum & Pail Pump, Manual Lever Action
  Product ID VLDP
Price: $108.98

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