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Top of the line brake harnesses, connectors, adapters and accessories for connecting truck and trailer brakes, including Pollack, Bargman, Reline, Hopkins and more.

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Pollak 4 Way Round Chrome Vehicle End Connector
  Product ID 11-410
Price: $6.19
Pollak 5 Way Round Chrome Trailer End Connector
  Product ID 11-501
Price: $6.02
Pollak 5 Way Round Chrome Vehicle End Connecto
  Product ID 11-502
Price: $7.55
Pollak 7-Pole Pin Type Zinc Connector Trailer End
  Product ID 11-700
Price: $13.83
Pollak 7 Pole Pin-Type Zinc Connector Vehicle End
  Product ID 11-720
Price: $15.46
Pollak 7 Way Zinc Connector Trailer End
  Product ID 12-702
Price: $7.70
Pollak 7 Way Zinc Connector Vehicle End
  Product ID 12-703
Price: $10.39
Pollak 7 Way Poly Connector Trailer End
  Product ID 12-706
Price: $5.56
Pollak 7 Way Poly Connector Vehicle End
  Product ID 12-707
Price: $7.77
Redline 4-Way Flat to 7-Way Adapter
  Product ID 3074
Price: $26.22
Hopkins Multi-Tow OE to 7 and 4 Way Plugs
  Product ID 40955
Price: $34.44
Hopkins Endurance OE to 7, 5, 4 Way Plugs
  Product ID 40999
Price: $26.39
Hopkins 5th Wheel, Gooseneck Harness
  Product ID 41151
Price: $69.41
Hopkins Multi-Tow Connector with 7 & 4-Way Plugs
  Product ID 42145
Price: $31.45
Optronics 25' 18GA 4 Bonded Wire, 4 Way Plug Trailer End
  Product ID 425YH
Price: $9.06
Optronics 30FT 18GA 4 Bonded Wire with 4-Way Plug Trailer End
  Product ID 430YH
Price: $10.69
Hopkins 4 Pole Trailer End Connector with 12" 18GA Lead
  Product ID 44P
Price: $2.08
Hopkins 4 Pole Vehicle End Connector with 48" 18GA Lead
  Product ID 44S
Price: $3.12
Hopkins Vehicle Adapter from Bare Wires to GM, Ford
  Product ID 47214
Price: $13.74
Hopkins Endurance 7-Way to 6-Way Round, 5, & 4-Way Flat
  Product ID 47570
Price: $22.31
Hopkins 4-Way Flat Tester with LEDs
  Product ID 48678
Price: $4.74
Hopkins 6 Pole Round Connector Trailer End
  Product ID 604
Price: $5.48
Hopkins 6-Pole Round Connector Vehicle End
  Product ID 609
Price: $9.58
Redline 6 Way Round to 4 Way Flat Adapter
  Product ID ADP624
Price: $8.05
Redline 6-Way Round To 7-Way Adapter
  Product ID ADP627RV
Price: $21.58
Redline 7-Way to 4-Way Flat Adapter
  Product ID ADP724RV
Price: $7.70
Redline 7-Way to 5-Way Flat Adapter
  Product ID ADP725RV
Price: $10.57
Redline 7-Way To 6-Way Round Adapter
  Product ID ADP726RV
Price: $10.10
Redline 7-Way to 6-Way and 4-Way Adapter
  Product ID ADP764RV
Price: $19.77
Curt 72" 4 Way Flat Extension
  Product ID I-5P
Price: $10.87
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