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We Have Chemicals and Lubricants for Diesel Trucks and the Professional Commercial Trucking Industry, Lucas, MotorKote, Barrs Stop Leak and Much More.

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Schaeffer Manufacturing 16oz Silver Streak Multi Lube Spray - 12 Pack
  Product ID 00006
Price: $134.99
FPPF 32oz Premium Polar Power Diesel Fuel Anti Gel, Water Dispersant
  Product ID 00106
Price: $175.84
Permatex 2oz 5th Wheel Grease
  Product ID 01010
Price: $104.16
Lucas Oil 32oz Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10001
Price: $149.99
Lucas Oil 128oz Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer
  Product ID 10002
Price: $27.49
Lucas Oil 32oz Power Steering Stop Leak - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10011L
Price: $174.99
Lucas Oil 16oz Complete Engine Treatment - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10016L
Price: $103.84
Lucas Oil 1 Gallon Universal Hydraulic & Transmission Fluid
  Product ID 10017
Price: $20.94
Lucas Oil 15oz Octane Booster
  Product ID 10026
Price: $91.05
Lucas Oil 16oz 5th Wheel Lube - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10030L
Price: $92.00
Lucas Oil 32 oz High Performance Heavy Duty SAE 85W-140 Gear Oil
  Product ID 10042
Price: $105.44
Lucas Oil .5 oz Tool Box Buddy - 18 Pack
  Product ID 10070L
Price: $52.89
Lucas Oil 1 Quart 5w20 Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil
  Product ID 10082
Price: $52.20
Lucas Oil 32oz Hub Oil - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10088
Price: $107.09
Bar's Leaks 11oz Engine Oil Stop Leak, 6 Pack
  Product ID 1010B
Price: $29.59
Lucas Oil 128oz Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer
  Product ID 10131L
Price: $34.69
Lucas Oil 32oz Engine Oil Stop Leak - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10278
Price: $91.04
Lucas Oil 1 Gallon CK-4 Diesel Oil, SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend
  Product ID 10282L
Price: $19.09
Lucas Oil 1 Gallon CK-4 Diesel Oil, SAE 15W-40 Magnum - 4 Pack
  Product ID 10287
Price: $74.99
Howes Lubricator 8oz Meaner Power Kleaner - 12 Pack
  Product ID 103008
Price: $81.09
Lucas Oil 14.5 oz X-tra Heavy Duty Grease Cartridge
  Product ID 1030110
Price: $54.09
Howes Lubricator 64oz Diesel Treat Diesel Conditioner and Anti Gel
  Product ID 103060
Price: $84.75
Howes Lubricator 32oz Diesel Treat Diesel Conditioner and Anti-Gel - 12 Pack
  Product ID 103062
Price: $95.28
Howes Lubricator 15oz Diesel Treat Diesel Conditioner, Anti-Gel - 12 Pack
  Product ID 103064
Price: $95.84
Howes Lubricator 32oz Meaner Power Kleaner - 12 Pack
  Product ID 103067
Price: $151.24
Howes Lubricator 15oz Gas Conditioner Plus
  Product ID 103110
Price: $67.09
Lucas Oil 8oz Fuel Stabilizer, 12 Pack
  Product ID 10314
Price: $47.89
Lucas Oil 16oz Power Steering Fluid with Conditioners - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10442
Price: $92.80
Power Service 80oz Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost - 6 Pack
  Product ID 108006
Price: $85.74
Lucas Oil 32oz Power Steering Fluid, 12 Pack
  Product ID 10824
Price: $51.09
Lucas Oil 32oz Synthetic DOT 3 Brake Fluid - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10826
Price: $89.99
Lucas Oil 32 oz Anti Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment - 12 Pack
  Product ID 10865L
Price: $129.99
Lucas Oil 64oz. Diesel Deep Clean
  Product ID 10873
Price: $53.99
Lucas Oil 5.25oz Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner w Stabilizers, 6 Pack
  Product ID 10924
Price: $24.69
Lucas Oil 5.25oz. Octane Booster, 6 Pack
  Product ID 10926
Price: $39.98
Lucas Oil 12oz Power Steering Fluid, 6 Pack
  Product ID 10927
Price: $15.98
Lucas Oil 12oz DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Fluid, 6 Pack
  Product ID 10928
Price: $26.99
Lucas Oil 5.25oz High Mileage Fuel Treatment, 24 Pack
  Product ID 10977
Price: $159.69
Plews Edelman LubriMatic 14oz Multi Purpose Lithium Grease Cartridge, 10 Pack
  Product ID 11315
Price: $39.89
Bar's Leaks 11 oz Radiator Stop Leak, 6 Pack
  Product ID 1196B
Price: $27.98
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