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USA Fleet Supply
Your Trucking, Warehouse & Shipping Supply Company ~ Since 1999

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We Have In-cab DC appliances for Truck Drivers in the Trucking Industry including Coffee Makers, Mugs, Fans, Defrosters, Heaters, Soves and Vacuums.

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Free Shipping on Order of $150 or More!
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Prime 12v 2-Speed Fan
  Product ID 175-14
Price: $46.93
RoadPro 12 Volt 20oz Hot Pot
  Product ID 5021
Price: $19.98
12 Volt 20oz Smart Car Pot
  Product ID 5027S
Price: $19.99
Brentwood Appliances 1.6 Quart Small Electric Air Fryer
  Product ID AF15MBK
Price: $48.29
Blend to Go Personal Blender & 20oz. Travel Cup
  Product ID JB195
Price: $24.98
12 Volt Quick Clip Multi Mount Oscillating Fan
  Product ID RP-1137
Price: $16.29
12 Volt Heavy Duty Metal Fan
  Product ID RP-1179
Price: $20.29
12 Volt 15oz. Premium Heated Travel Mug
  Product ID RP0719
Price: $30.39
12 Volt Battery 10 Portable Fan
  Product ID RP8000
Price: $22.29
12 Volt Heater Fan, Defroster
  Product ID RPAT859
Price: $17.29
12 Volt Beverage Heater
  Product ID RPBH-012
Price: $6.69
12 Volt Portable Frying Pan
  Product ID RPFP335NS
Price: $25.69
12 Volt Portable Stove
  Product ID RPSC-197
Price: $29.89
12 Volt Wet, Dry Canister Vacuum
  Product ID RPSC-807
Price: $23.98
12 Volt Tornado Fan with Mounting Clip
  Product ID RPSC-857
Price: $19.99
Aluminum Pans for 12-Volt Portable Stove
  Product ID RPSC-90820
Price: $2.89
RoadPro 12V Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe
  Product ID RPSC785
Price: $23.98
12 Volt Dual Fan with Mounting Clip
  Product ID RPSC8572
Price: $21.09
6 x 9 Aluminum Pans for 12V Portable Roaster, 6Pk
  Product ID RPSC90696
Price: $4.99
12 Volt 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker
  Product ID RPSL-350
Price: $26.89
12 Volt All Season Heater, Fan with Swivel Base
  Product ID RPSL-581
Price: $19.99
12 Volt Direct Hook Up Ceramic Heater
  Product ID RPSL-681
Price: $37.99
AC to DC 6 Amp Power Converter
  Product ID RPSL-7000
Price: $26.69
12 Volt Portable Saucepan with Non Stick Surface
  Product ID RPSP225NS
Price: $26.29
6" Non-Stick Electric Skillet with Glass Lid
  Product ID SK45
Price: $16.99
12" Non-Stick Electric Skillet with Glass Lid
  Product ID SK65
Price: $28.89
Stainless Steel Electric 7 Egg Cooker
  Product ID TS1040S
Price: $16.99
Non-Stick Electric Omelet Maker
  Product ID TS255
Price: $19.22
Brentwood Appliances 2-Slice Toaster
  Product ID TS280S
Price: $13.77
Brentwood Appliances Electric 1000 Watt Single Hotplate
  Product ID TS337
Price: $20.39
Brentwood Appliances Electric Contact Grill
  Product ID TS605
Price: $17.49
Multi-Portion Electric Indoor Grill with Non-Stick Copper Coating
  Product ID TS825
Price: $32.49

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