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USA Fleet Supply
Your Trucking, Warehouse & Shipping Supply Company

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We offer a large selection of containers, including buckets, jugs, carboys, metal bottles, tin bottles with brush lids, round metal cans, lids and much more.

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Free Shipping on Order of $150 or More!
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Bronze Pail, 2-1/2 Gallon
  Product ID BKT-BRZ-250
Price: $204.38
Galvanized Steel Bucket, 3-1/4 Gallon
  Product ID BKT-GAL-325
Price: $18.58
Galvanized Steel Bucket, 5 Gallon
  Product ID BKT-GAL-500
Price: $23.48
Stainless Steel Bucket, 3-1/4 Gallon
  Product ID BKT-SS-325
Price: $67.68
Stainless Steel Bucket, 5 Gallon
  Product ID BKT-SS-500
Price: $159.86
Aluminum Metal Bottle, 2oz.
  Product ID BTL-MA-2
Price: $5.19
Aluminum Metal Bottle, 4oz.
  Product ID BTL-MA-4
Price: $5.69
Aluminum Metal Bottle, 8oz.
  Product ID BTL-MA-8
Price: $6.88
Tin Plate Metal Bottle, 16 oz.
  Product ID BTL-MT-16
Price: $3.60
Tin Plate Metal Bottle, 32 oz.
  Product ID BTL-MT-32
Price: $7.28
Tin Plate Metal Bottle with Brush Cap, 32 oz.
  Product ID BTL-MTB-32
Price: $2.20
Carboy, Low-Profile, 4 Gallon
  Product ID CARB-4-LP
Price: $108.41
Round Carboy with Spout, 2 Gallon
  Product ID CARB-R-2-S
Price: $85.81
Round Plastic Jug, 64oz.
  Product ID JUG-64
Price: $2.99
Tin Plated Rectangular Jug, 64oz.
  Product ID JUG-S-64
Price: $5.68
Rectangular Plastic Jug, 1 Gallon
  Product ID JUG-W-1
Price: $5.88
Rectangular Plastic Jug, 32oz.
  Product ID JUG-W-32
Price: $4.79
Rectangular Plastic Jug, 64oz.
  Product ID JUG-W-64
Price: $5.39
Round Metal Can with Lid, 16oz.
  Product ID MRC-16
Price: $2.30

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