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Our large selection of warehouse oriented safety gates consist of self closing gates, mezzanine gates, lifting gates, swing gates and more.

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Expand-A-Gate, Aluminum
  Product ID ALEXGATE-30
Price: $236.34
Expand-A-Gate, Aluminum, w/Casters
  Product ID ALEXGATE-30-C
Price: $244.45
Expand-A-Gate, Aluminum, w/Wall Mount
  Product ID ALEXGATE-30-W
Price: $258.38
4 Pk Concrete Anchor Bolts
  Product ID AS-344-4PK
Price: $17.59
Steel Expand-A-Gate, 19" to 139"
  Product ID EXGATE-30
Price: $151.17
Steel Expand-A-Gate w/Casters, 19" to 139"
  Product ID EXGATE-30-C
Price: $172.19
Steel Expand-A-Gate w/Wall Mount, 20" to 139"
  Product ID EXGATE-30-W
Price: $186.23
EXGATE Wall Mount Kit
Price: $73.15
Folding Fabric Barrier, 69" x 38"
  Product ID FBR-3
Price: $99.89
Multi Purpose Barricade, 74"
  Product ID HG-2F
Price: $168.55
Multi Purpose Barricade, 111"
  Product ID HG-3F
Price: $253.81
Mezzanine Safety Gate
  Product ID MEZZ-200
Price: $934.68
Mezzanine Safety Gate, Double Wide
  Product ID MEZZ-200-DW
Price: $1,619.53
Mezzanine Safety Gate, Double Wide, Stainless Steel
  Product ID MEZZ-200-DW-SS
Price: $2,549.85
Mezzanine Safety Gate, Stainless Steel
  Product ID MEZZ-200-SS
Price: $1,988.26
Mobile Plastic Safety Barrier, 40"H
  Product ID MSB-138
Price: $403.62
Plastic Barrier, Orange, 79 x 40
  Product ID PBAR-72-O
Price: $148.82
Plastic Barrier, Yellow, 79 x 40
  Product ID PBAR-72-Y
Price: $148.82
Expand-A-Gate, Plastic
  Product ID PEXGATE-30
Price: $176.47
Swivel Dock Gate, for 10' Door
  Product ID SDG-10
Price: $806.39
Swivel Dock Gate, 8'
  Product ID SDG-8
Price: $696.69
Swivel Dock Gate, 9'
  Product ID SDG-9
Price: $751.49
Safety Lift Gate, 10'
  Product ID SLG-10
Price: $609.87
Safety Lift Gate, 6'
  Product ID SLG-6
Price: $504.87
Safety Lift Gate, 8'
  Product ID SLG-8
Price: $564.87
Self Closing Gate, Galvanized
  Product ID SPG-26-G
Price: $228.94
Self Closing Gate, Yellow
  Product ID SPG-26-Y
Price: $269.61
Galvanized Self Closing Gate
  Product ID SPG-40-G
Price: $239.15
Yellow Self Closing Gate
  Product ID SPG-40-Y
Price: $286.44
Safety Swing Gate
  Product ID SSG-11
Price: $384.87
Economical Swing Safety Gate
  Product ID SSG-9
Price: $349.43
Galvanized Expanding Scissor Gate, 48"
  Product ID VD-63
Price: $177.64
Double Fold Scissor Gate, 120 x 72
  Product ID VPFG-1065
Price: $499.41
Double Fold Scissor Gate, 120 x 78
  Product ID VPFG-1070
Price: $527.77
Double Fold Scissor Gate, 120 x 84
  Product ID VPFG-1075
Price: $556.31
Double Fold Scissor Gate, 120 x 90
  Product ID VPFG-1080
Price: $585.07
Double Fold Scissor Gate, 120 x 96
  Product ID VPFG-1085
Price: $613.39
Double Fold Scissor Gate, 144 x 72
  Product ID VPFG-1265
Price: $535.40
Double Fold Scissor Gate, 144 x 78
  Product ID VPFG-1270
Price: $569.78
Double Fold Scissor Gate, 144 x 84
  Product ID VPFG-1275
Price: $598.51
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