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We Have Tools for Professional Truck Drivers and the Commercial Trucking Industry including Sockets, Wrenches, Screw Driver Sets and much more.

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RoadPro 3-Piece Locking Pliers Set
  Product ID 01038001TC
Price: $10.29
Universal 10-Piece Vehicle Unlock Tool Kit
  Product ID 10015
Price: $17.59
Performance Tool Magnetic Pickup Extendable Tool
  Product ID 1124
Price: $6.41
Manual Pop Rivet Tool
  Product ID 39000
Price: $53.60
5th Wheel Release Hook
  Product ID 50354-10
Price: $12.25
Stanley 4-In-1 Bi-Material Pocket Driver
  Product ID 66344
Price: $5.78
Dexter Custom Brake Adjuster Tool
  Product ID 71-666
Price: $26.19
Kinedyne 5th Wheel Pin Puller
  Product ID 80111
Price: $26.50
Performance Tool 8" Bolt Cutter
  Product ID BC8
Price: $5.92
Electrical Circuit Tester for 6V, 12V Systems
  Product ID ECT8901
Price: $10.61
Excalibur Cross Lug Wrench
  Product ID LW433
Price: $31.85
Phoenix USA Tool For Wheel Simulators
  Product ID PGD168TOL
Price: $14.08
RoadPro 36" Heavy Duty 5th Wheel Pin Puller
  Product ID R-7845
Price: $13.59
RoadPro Pencil Torch, Refillable Butane
  Product ID RP-1010
Price: $7.60
RoadPro 25' Tape Measure
  Product ID RP-10230
Price: $9.00
RoadPro 12-Volt Soldering Iron
  Product ID RP-12VSI
Price: $7.99
RoadPro 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Kit
  Product ID RP-13305
Price: $6.47
RoadPro T-Bar Driver Set with 9 Sockets and 11 Bits, 21-Piece
  Product ID RP-34120
Price: $9.00
RoadPro 40-Piece SAE/Metric Socket Set
  Product ID RP56000
Price: $10.79
RoadPro 5th Wheel Brushed Aluminum Pin Pullers
  Product ID RP5PIN
Price: $11.32
RoadPro Tire Tread Depth Gauge w Dual Calibration
  Product ID RP725
Price: $2.99
RoadPro Mighty Micro-Torch
  Product ID RPMCRT-2
Price: $20.00
RoadPro 45-Piece Stubby Tool Set with Case
  Product ID RPPS-10046
Price: $21.99
RoadPro Metric Ratcheting Wrench 5-Piece Set
  Product ID RPRW5MET
Price: $27.25
RoadPro - SAE Ratcheting Wrench 5-Piece Set
  Product ID RPRW5SAE
Price: $27.25
RoadPro Screwdriver and Socket 15-Piece Set
  Product ID RPS15
Price: $9.90
RoadPro 8" Adjustable Wrench
  Product ID RPS2010
Price: $12.19
RoadPro 6" Adjustable Wrench
  Product ID RPS2011
Price: $7.60
RoadPro 10" Adjustable Wrench
  Product ID RPS2012
Price: $10.30
RoadPro 6-1/2" Long Nose Pliers with Wire Cutter
  Product ID RPS2074
Price: $6.96
RoadPro 4" Torx Screwdriver 2-Piece Set
  Product ID RPS30103
Price: $5.99
RoadPro 5" Locking Pliers with Comfort Grip Handle
  Product ID RPS4026
Price: $7.60
RoadPro 10" Locking Pliers with Comfort Grip Handle
  Product ID RPS4028
Price: $10.99
RoadPro 6" Slip Joint Pliers
  Product ID RPS5040
Price: $6.99
RoadPro 8" Slip Joint Pliers
  Product ID RPS5042
Price: $8.24
RoadPro 8" Diagonal Multi-Groove Joint Pliers
  Product ID RPS5537
Price: $11.29
RoadPro 10" Diagonal Multi-Groove Joint Pliers
  Product ID RPS5538
Price: $12.00
RoadPro 3.25" Midget Utility Knife with Chain
  Product ID RPS60104
Price: $3.99
RoadPro 6" Snap Blade Utility Knife
  Product ID RPS60106
Price: $4.20
RoadPro 6-In-1 Screwdriver
  Product ID RPS61
Price: $9.90
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