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Damage indicators can sense dropping or tipping during shipment as well as temperature tools that can tell whether shipments were exposed to extreme temperatures.

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ColdMark Freeze Indicator Companion Label
  Product ID CM25-CL2
Price: $64.69
ColdMark Freeze Indicator, 26°F/-3°C
  Product ID CM25126F
Price: $323.75
ColdMark Freeze Indicator, 32°F/0°C
  Product ID CM25132F
Price: $323.75
ColdMark Freeze Indicator, 41°F/5°C
  Product ID CM25141F
Price: $323.75
ColdMark Freeze Indicator, 50°F/10°C
  Product ID CM25150F
Price: $323.70
Drop-N-Tell Damage Indicator, 100G
  Product ID DNTELL100R
Price: $94.24
Drop-N-Tell Damage Indicator, 10G
  Product ID DNTELL10R
Price: $94.24
Drop-N-Tell Damage Indicator, 15G
  Product ID DNTELL15R
Price: $94.24
Drop-N-Tell Damage Indicator, 25G
  Product ID DNTELL25R
Price: $96.26
Drop-N-Tell Damage Indicator, 50G
  Product ID DNTELL50R
Price: $94.24
Drop-N-Tell Damage Indicator, 5G
  Product ID DNTELL5R
Price: $96.26
Drop Spot, Field Armable, 25G
  Product ID DSI420
Price: $3.44
Drop Spot, Field Armable, 15G
  Product ID DSI440
Price: $3.44
Shockwatch Damage Indicator Companion Label
  Product ID SW-CL2
Price: $66.24
ShockWatch Damage Indicator, 100G, Green
  Product ID SW30R
Price: $292.34
Shockwatch Damage Indicator, 75G, Orange
  Product ID SW35R
Price: $292.34
Shockwatch Damage Indicator, 37G, Purple
  Product ID SW37R
Price: $292.34
Shockwatch Damage Indicator, 50G, Red
  Product ID SW47R
Price: $292.34
Shockwatch Damage Indicator Sealing Tape
  Product ID SWTAP
Price: $18.99
Hot Hand Warning Label
  Product ID TM-R50R
Price: $47.83
Telatemp Recorder Label, 110°F to 150°F
  Product ID TM10-1R
Price: $49.31
Telatemp Recorder Label, 140°F to 190°F
  Product ID TM10-2R
Price: $49.31
Telatemp Recorder Label, 180°F to 230°F
  Product ID TM10-3R
Price: $49.31
Telatemp Recorder Label, 220°F to 270°F
  Product ID TM10-4R
Price: $49.31
Telatemp Recorder Label, 260°F to 310°F
  Product ID TM10-5R
Price: $49.31
Telatemp Recorder Label, 300°F to 350°F
  Product ID TM10-6R
Price: $49.31
Temperature Data Logger Interface Cable Kit
  Product ID TMDLKIT
Price: $62.91
Telatemp Thermometer, 10°F/-12°C - 130°F/54°C, 40 Day Range
  Product ID TMHT40R
Price: $63.23
Telatemp Thermometer, 10°F/-12°C - 130°F/54°C, 90 Day Range
  Product ID TMHT90R
Price: $63.23
Telatemp Thermometer, -20°F/-30°C - 100°F/38°C, 10 Day Range
  Product ID TMLT10R
Price: $39.35
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