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We Have DOT Drug and Alcohol Compliance Products for the Commercial Trucking Transportation Industry for CMV CDL Drivers, Personnel and Supervisors.

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BreathScan Disposable Breath Alcohol Detector .02
  Product ID 12808
Price: $3.93
Substance Abuse Training for Supervisors and Employees, DVD Training
  Product ID 17674
Price: $394.50
ORATECT 6 Panel Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device
  Product ID 26809
Price: $399.40
Tamper Evidence Tape Dispenser
  Product ID 3733
Price: $27.81
QED A150 Saliva Alcohol Screen Test
  Product ID 3756
Price: $97.07
QED A150 Ethanol Control Solution
  Product ID 3757
Price: $50.90
ALCO SCREEN 02 Oral Fluid Alcohol Test
  Product ID 37729
Price: $106.86
SPLIT SPECIMEN CUP  5 Panel Urine Drug Test
  Product ID 38075
Price: $244.27
Alcohol & Drug Testing, What Drivers Need to Know, Wallet Card
  Product ID 38796
Price: $0.66
Alcohol & Drug Testing, What Drivers Need to Know, Trainer Guide
  Product ID 38798
Price: $19.93
DOT Professional Collector Training Student Workbook
  Product ID 406C
Price: $33.68
DOT Professional Collector Self Study Course
  Product ID 420
Price: $249.95
Alcohol and Drug Testing, What Drivers Need to Know, Video Training Book
  Product ID 48686
Price: $248.98
Blood Alcohol Technician Self Study
  Product ID ALPR405
Price: $229.95
Professional Collector Self Study Course
  Product ID ALPR420
Price: $229.95
Alcohol Testing Form
  Product ID ATF-US
Price: $6.49
Drug Testing in The Workplace Interactive CD
  Product ID CBT1008i
Price: $249.99
Controlled Substance Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors
  Product ID DA112B
Price: $169.95
Employer Record Keeping Requirements For Drug & Alcohol Testing Info
  Product ID DARKR-US
Price: $5.49
Federal Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations Brochure
  Product ID DATB-US
Price: $7.49
Ohio Drug Free Workplace Training Program
  Product ID DFWP
Price: $76.45
DOT 10 Steps to Collection Site Security, Integrity
  Product ID DOT-US
Price: $9.95
How Can I Become a Collector For DOT Drug Testing?
  Product ID DOTC-US
Price: $6.49
What Employees Need  To Know About  DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing
  Product ID DOTE-US
Price: $8.49
DOT Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines
  Product ID DOTUSC-US
Price: $7.49
Federal Alcohol and Drug Testing Requirements for Motor Carriers
  Product ID DTG-US
Price: $6.49
Drug & Alcohol Program Manager Training Video
  Product ID FOL-DAPMTV1
Price: $134.00
Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training
  Product ID FOL-SRT
Price: $304.45
DOT BAT Self Study Course
  Product ID FOLCRT
Price: $249.95
How to Inspect Your Collection Site
  Product ID FOLICS
Price: $135.45
SAP Certification Training Program
  Product ID FOLSAP
Price: $157.45
So You're Positive Video Training
  Product ID FOLSYP
Price: $115.45
The DOT Drug Screen Collector Training Program
  Product ID FS-V-01371
Price: $209.95
Alcohol, Drugs and You Booklet
  Product ID FSB00702
Price: $5.99
DOT BAT Self Study Student Workbook
  Product ID FSB00733
Price: $33.68
Drug-Free Workplace Employee Training Video
  Product ID FSV00299
Price: $49.00
How Can I Become a Technician For DOT Alcohol Testing
  Product ID HTC-US
Price: $6.49
Driver's Guide to Alcohol and Drug Testing
  Product ID LOG0006
Price: $6.95
Drivers, Drugs & Drinking DVD Training
  Product ID RJ-13505
Price: $325.00
Alcohol, Drugs Compliance Manual, Plus
  Product ID RJ-36479
Price: $259.00
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