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USA Fleet Supply offers a full line Pre-Trip Inspection products for all CDL classes. We offer Pre Trip Inspection forms, Pre Trip Inspection training dvd's and videos, books, manuals, PowerPoint presentations, downloads, diagrams, posters and more.

The pre-trip inspection is a knowledge test to see if the customer understands which features and equipment on the test vehicle should be inspected before operating the vehicle. The entire pre-trip must be conducted in the English language. This is pursuant to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations ยงยง391.11 (b)(2) and 383.133 (c)(5). You will be warned twice for speaking in a foreign language during the pre-trip inspection and will not be given credit for items checked and explained in a foreign language. If you are told a third time the test will be counted as a failure.

A pre-trip inspection should be done the same way each time so you will learn all the steps and be less likely to forget something during the test.

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Before your pre-trip test, the examiner will check the brake lights, emergency flashers, turn signals, and horn. If any of these items do not work, the skills and driving portions of the test will be postponed. Pre-trips are conducted to ensure that a vehicle is safe to operate. During the pre-trip test, you will be expected to explain or show your knowledge of the pre-trip process. You must point to every item you would check, identify it, and explain in detail what you are checking the item for. You will NOT have to crawl under the vehicle.

You may use the guides shown here when taking your pre-trip test. You cannot write any instructions or notes on how to perform the pre-trip inspection on the guide. If you do not pass the pre-trip inspection test, the other tests will be postponed.

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