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USA Fleet Supply
Your Trucking, Warehouse & Shipping Supply Company ~ Since 1999

We Offer Loading Dock Equipment such as Dock Levers, Dock Doors, Dock Seals, Dock Plates, Dock Boards, Trailer Jacks, Dock Bumpers, Dock Lights and more.

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Dock Traffic Systems

Our top of the line Dock Traffic Systems include flashing red and green lights and signage that provide clear communication between dock workers and truck drivers.

Dock Barricades

Heavy duty Dock Barricades for loading docks, featuring electric, hydraulic barricade systems, able to stop a 4000 pound truck at 4mph, several models to choose from.

Loading Lights

Loading Dock and Warehouse Lights for Loading Dock Guidance, Truck and Trailer Illumination,Staging Area Lighting, Wall Mounted or Free Standing, Heavy Duty Lighting.

Dock Backing Alignment

Make backing up to loading dock doors easy with bright yellow Loading Dock Wheel Alignment Curbs, and other Guides for night or day time backing.

Dock Seals & Shelters

We offer a wide array of Dock Seals and Dock Shelters, including Seal Shelter Combos, Retractable Shelters, Draft Blockers and much more.

Yard Ramps

We offer a large array of Yard Ramps, including Steel Yard Ramps and Aluminum Yard Ramps up to 30,000lb capacity and up to 36 feet in length.

Dock Plates & Boards

We have a huge selection of Dock Plates and Dock Boards in aluminum and heavy gauge steel, Hand Truck Dock Boards, Mini Dock Plates and Rail Dock Boards.

Wheel Risers

We have a large selection of Aluminum Wheel Risers and Steel Wheel Risers that elevate trailers to loading docks for maximum serviceability.

Service Ramps, Walk Ramps

We offer a huge assortment of Walk Ramps and Service Ramps in Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass, Auto Loader, Wheel Chair, Pickup Truck Ramps and More.

Trailer Stabilizing Jacks

Trailer Stabilizing Jacks in a variety of sizes, types and capacities to level trailers while loading and unloading when not connected to a tractor.

Dock Bumpers

Our Dock Bumpers include laminated dock bumpers, specialty molded, extruded, trailer crane, hardened molded, bumper stops and dome dock bumpers.

Pallet Pullers

These Pallet Pullers are used to pull pallets to the rear of trailers for easy forklift access. Choose from single scissor, double scissor, cam action and other designs.

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